Monetize your Online Influence via BigCast

Everyone is an influencer, it doesn't matter whether you are big or small on the Internet

Earn Money

Sign-up as an influencer at BigCast and get access to jobs. Make your (costing) proposal and if you are selected, you get paid for promoting the advertiser via your social media accounts.

Escrow Payment

You will be protected by the BigCast platform and never to be worried by late (or no) payment. Payment is secured by the platform before you start your posting, peace of mind!

Join Community

Besides participating in jobs, there are contests organized by the advertisers with cool prizes to be won. We will organize events in the future to connect like-minded influencers like you.


BigCast facilitates a system-automated platform matching jobs for Influencers to propose, deliver posting and receive payment.

  • Job

    Jobs created by the advertisers will be matched to influencers by job's requirements and influencer's profile.

  • Proposal

    Infuencers to submit job proposal (costing), subjects to advertiser's approval prior to the job posting / deliverable.

  • Deliverable

    Influencers to work on the job posting on their social accounts, and receive payment after advertiser's approval.

Whether you are celebrity, key opinion leader, or just some one who is active on social media, you can earn money by helping the advertisers to promote their brand, product or services.

Yes, we even cater for Agents who might be representing a couple of influencers.